Ladies’ Rides At MTBK

Haven’t ridden in a while?  Don’t want to go out with the guys?  Come riding, Saturday mornings with the ladies of MTBK.  This is meant to be a fun, non-competitive event for riders of all ability levels.  All female members are welcome.  Rides leave The … Read more

Bonfire Fridays!

UPDATE Friday, May 1st;  Ride starts at 6:30.  Bonfire will be lit at 7:45 (ride later if you like, the fire will be going for quite a while).

Starting May 1st, the first Friday of every month is Bonfire Friday.  After an evening ride, everyone … Read more

Friday Night Lights

Starting, May 1st – An MTBK Tradition – Friday Night Lights is for the night owls among us.  Beginning around dusk, riders take to the woods lit by thousands of lumens of white, L.E.D. light. Rides typically are on Home Loop and Collin’s where the … Read more

2015 MTBK Gear!

Update;  MTBK Gear is available until April 30th!


As plans come together to kick off the 2015 cycling season, club members are invited to submit design ideas for  MTBK gear.  Ideas for team kit, baggies, stickers, t-shirts are welcome.



 … Read more