February 9, 2017 4:30 p.m.
HomeLoop has light ice, but is textured and has good traction. All trails are open.


Sign-up night is April 19, 2017

Date: April 19th, 2017
Where: Portsmouth Tavern, 96 Yonge St.
Time: 6-9pm


Roll on down to The Ports Tavern and come have a pint, talk about bikes, get jacked for a new riding season and get your membership tag!

Please come with your membership form filled out and a completed IMBA waiver for every member of the family that will be using facilities. We can accept cash or cheques for membership fees. Forms can be found at our website: http://www.mtbkingston.ca/become-a-member/. Those under 18 must have their guardian sign their waiver forms.

Your pass gets you access to the everyone’s favourite mountain bike trails, but remember your pass is also good for year round activities such as fat biking, snowshoeing, skiing and cyclocross.

Membership Regular Rate Early Bird (at signup night)
Youth (under 18) $25.00 $20.00
Uni/College Student (must present ID) $45.00 $40.00
Adult $65.00 $60.00
Family $140.00 $130.00

Bike-athlon and Biathlon, Sunday Feb 5 @10am

Bikes vs. Skis!16427228_1418822418162772_2506392411331036049_n

The next evolution in fun at the farm is here for all members.

Biathlon/bike-athlon will be tomorrow Sunday at 10 am. Everyone welcome evenif just to watch. Will be lay down shouting so not to have to clip out of ski and or bike bindings.the penalty loop will be the same for all then start race loop together then split. Sign up at cabin at back pond (home loop).

The two loops shown on the attached map and should be about even timing for bikes and skis. Bike trails and ski track are in good shape and should be fast, see you there!



WINTER! and Events!


Fat bike – The home loop was groomed today for snowy single-track fat biking bliss using the “Mototank!”

Skate ski – The ski track was skate ski groomed, but it’s suggested you give it a bit more snow before you go full crazy on it as it was a bit thin in some locations and there are still some rocky/bony and wet sections. If someone dares go tomorrow, again let us know current conditions then. The trails have not been classic set yet, that’ll need some more snow.

Trail Access

How do I access the fat bike and ski trails?

Signs will go up shortly to give you better directions, but generally whether you are biking or skiing you  head east from the barn across the field. After 50m or so you should see a split and if you are fat biking continue straight and go down the hill that normally ends your home loop rides. If you are going skiing turn right at the split and head down the road that runs to the south towards the pond (again, it’s probably a bit early for skiing).581918_1086216551423362_9122840329502361131_n

Upcoming Events

Look here or the Facebook page for information on upcoming winter events, including bikeathlon which should kick off sometime in January (weather/conditions permitting) and will have a different route each week. Rob’s cooking up some great routes for the bikeathlon and you won’t want to miss these fun events.The Kingston Snophy is coming January 7th. Find out all the information and register for this fat bike race at: http://substanceprojects.com/portfolio-item/2016-fat-bike-3-kingston-snophy.

O-CUP! Coming to MTBK

Substance Projects will host an Ontario Cup Mountain Bike race (O-CUP) at MTB Kingston next year. It’s going to be a great event and new trails/features will need to be built, look out for volunteer requests in the Spring to help out. For more info on O-Cups check out: http://www.superflyracing.com/race-series/ontario-cup/



The Rooney Loop Is Open!

The Rooney Loop (a.k.a. Beaver Pond Trail) Is Open!

The generosity of club members, The Rooney Family has afforded MTBK space to extend Home Loop by an additional 10%!  Almost secretly, Jean-Marc Grimard has spent the last several weeks rough cutting a trail on which over the last few weekends, Wally Stanton, Jean-Marc Grimard and Rob Sangers have put in hours on the excavator which shaped the track.  The work needed to prune branches, sculpt berms, and build rollers are credited to many, many club volunteers.  Give yourselves a pat on the back folks, you’ve made an awesome trail!

Beaver Pond Trail Map - click to enlarge
Beaver Pond Trail Map – click to enlarge