Welcome to MTB Kingston!

This is a member volunteer managed trail network.

Colloquially known as simply, The Farm, MTB Kingston’s vast network of singletrack (40+ km) is built entirely on private land, solely because of the generosity of our gracious landowners and the tireless work of our dedicated volunteers. We really can’t thank them enough!

We require all riders to first register then obtain a membership tag prior to riding on our network. In order to prevent trespassing by unregistered (uninsured) riders, we have no trail locations listed in any form of online-accessible media. This means that we do not have maps available.

You can find the rest of our Club Rules listed here. Please read them, and abide by them when using any MTB Kingston property.

We do have a Facebook Group, full of helpful individuals who would be happy to answer your questions, so please utilize them if you have any.

At the trailhead (address delivered in the registration receipt email), members will find a kiosk with the open/closed status of each trail, and the official map of our trail network. Although the trails are signed, there are currently no trail difficulty ratings, or distances posted.