Club Rules


  • Glenburnie Trails are restricted to approved members of MTB Kingston. Guests are not allowed without permission.
  • All trail users SHALL fill out an application, and sign a waiver and may ride only after their application has been approved and a membership tag issued.
  • **Maximum speed on the laneway leading into the farm is 30 km/h† or slower to prevent raising dust.
  • **Trails are directional, travel only in the direction of trail maker arrows.
    • Trails are not directional during night-time hours when lights are required and all trail users are using lights. Right-of-way belongs to riders travelling in the arrowed direction.
  • **Membership tags shall be affixed to the seat rails and be clearly visible from behind the bike.
  • **Any one individual may ride as a guest only one time per fiscal year.  Refer to guest pass policy for guidelines.
  • All riders SHALL wear a helmet at all times.
  • Riders under 12 years of age shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Only bicycles designed for off-road use should be used on the trails.
  • Riders should use protective eyewear, gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads.
  • **Do not ride when trails are excessively wet.  If conditions are such that tires or shoes are leaving tracks, do not use the trails.
  • All riders should be certified in Basic First Aid.
  • Riders should carry a cell phone.
  • For emergencies call 911.
  • **All accidents that result in injury shall be reported to one of the Club Board Members.
  • **Report all hazards to a Club Board Member.
  • Ride only on the designated track and do not create new tracks.
  • Riders shall obey all signs and trail boundaries.
  • Respect other riders. Faster riders shall announce on which side you intend to do so when passing.
  • All riders shall obey the rules and leave the trails if instructed by a board member or club representative.
  • Anyone not displaying member identification will be asked to leave the trail until they can provide valid member ID.
  • MTB Kingston is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to bikes and equipment or other personal effects.

**amended or appended – April 2016

† revised

MTB Kingston reserves the right to cancel membership or suspend trail privileges of any member found to be disobeying the rules, cycling in an unsafe manner, or damaging property.

Trail Conditions

Trail conditions will be posted when available on the MTB Kingston website.  If conditions are such that tires or shoes are leaving tracks, do not use the trails.