Team MTBK Wednesday 18th

We will be holding an information session and bike check for potential NEW Racers instead of official tryout tonight April 18th at the barn at 5:30pm. We will finally be able to have a full tryout this Saturday April 21st, 9:30am.
Also, in case you … Read more

Team MTBK Tryouts Cancelled

This is not a great way to start off the season! Due to the special weather statements for our area, we do not want to put anyone at risk trying to drive…and obviously bike in tomorrow’s forecast.

Wednesday evening is looking a bit better, so … Read more
2018 MTB Kingston Member Registration

We are happy to announce that in the interests of making this club more self-sufficient, and less reliant on what had been a substantial amount of effort by a select few volunteers, we will no longer be using paper membership forms and waivers. We have … Read more

MTB Kingston 2018 AGM Minutes

On March 22, 2018, The Mountain Bike Club of Kingston Board of Directors met with members, in its first Annual General Meeting since incorporation. For all those interested in the future direction of this organization, please review the minutes below.… Read more

MTB Kids!

Organized rides will begin in May on Friday night this year. These rides are meant for parents and young children. Bring your running bikes, pedal bikes or trail-a-bikes. Fun first, and we’ll learn some skills along the way. Teaser: bonfires, marshmallows, camping, free library. Stay … Read more

MTB Kingston Wilderness First Aid Primer


Although some riders are proud of the number of times they’ve gone OTB and came out of it either unscathed or with another scar to brag about, there are times in our beloved sport where we’re not so lucky. Given there currently isn’t a mountain … Read more