Pete’s Loop

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Pete’s Loop – 5.7 km – Intermediate-Advanced

Direction of Travel – Counter Clockwise with a shared out and back

A favourite of many, Pete’s Loop is also named after the gracious landowner who hosts this trail. It begins with the two-way out and back trail, aptly named Stone City. If that name is any indication, its defining features are two large limestone outcroppings that must be ridden over, in addition to other rocks scattered throughout. After the second limestone outcropping, Stone City then skirts the edge of a field before entering the woods on the south side. Keep to the left, following arrows, upon entering these woods, to complete the one-way portion of this out and back.

How Stone City got its name.

Once on Pete’s Loop proper, you will find a delightful mix of flowy singletrack and short complex rock gardens. There are also several small natural drops that can all be taken safely at a fairly slow speed. The latter half of Pete’s also has many small ridable rock features, interspersed amongst good natural flow.

Upon exit, you will follow the return one-way portion of Stone City over several stones, before a short, fast, downhill to hard right then left out of the woods. Once past the field, the rocks you rode on the way in seem strangely easier on the way out. You will then be faced with a choice; just before the end of Stone City in reverse, you can take a left turn, down a steep and technical downhill expert line, or follow the trail back out the way you came. Pete’s can be hard to find for newcomers, so be sure to ask someone to show you. It’s so worth it!