It Was A Productive Weekend!

Much of the Trail Crew was busy all weekend adding some sweet flow to the second half of Home Loop.  In addition to this, some of you may remember a little wind storm that Glenburnie had this past summer. The large swath of trees flattened on The Ridge caused a hasty trail reroute in time for the XC Marathon, and left the Baby Ridge shortcut mostly inaccessible. Well, that’s no longer the case!

With Deer Hunting Season fast approaching (Outer Ridge closes Oct 22), we devoted some effort to this section of trail today. The entrance is now a hard right after the last tree before the upper cattle gate (the one we now go around, rather than through), then past the large unearthed tree and onto the regular trail.

The Ridge, Baby Ridge, Ridge Bypass, This Trail and both the first climb and final descent of Route 66 all got a thorough leaf blowing today, and Pete’s was done earlier this week.

Grab your bike and get your “outside” on!