The Ridge

The Ridge – 4.2 km – Intermediate-Advanced

Direction of Travel – Clockwise

Named for the topography on which it’s built, The Ridge is one of our most beloved trails. You begin this trail near the start and finish of Route 66, with a steep technical climb, named Stairway to Heaven. Once you have ascended this climb, you will traverse up and down, over rocks and roots, with a general progression towards the highest part of this property. Once you arrive here, the payoff really begins.

Your descent will be fast yet still technical, with a small climb mid-way. Once at the bottom, you will then climb a short, rocky switchback named Hickman’s Corner, after an esteemed former board member, to a benched section of trail mid-ridge. This section of trail is one of The Ridge’s most notable features, as it skirts the edge of a limestone escarpment and rides underneath a light waterfall. At the other end, you will have two options to drop to the return trial below, one very steep, and an easier line to the right. This is where The Ridge joins The Ridge Bypass, and follows an easier flowing trail out to the exit.

Long time members will remember The Ridge as a trail nearly double the length of its current form. This serves as a sombre example of how tenuous the land use agreements for trail networks such as ours can be. We are ever thankful for our remaining landowners, and the volunteers who restored The Ridge to greatness after this loss. What remains of The Ridge sits on a piece of property leased to The Mountain Bike Club of Kingston, our Not-For-Profit Corporation, ensuring the long-term stability of what remains.

Though not specifically the cause of this loss of land, this, along with the recent significant losses suffered by a similar, much larger trail network, is why we’re so stuck on ensuring all riders have been through our registration and waiver process, and display valid membership, along with wearing a helmet.