Demo Loop

3.5 km – Easiest

Direction of Travel – Counter Clockwise

Begin with either Sangers’ Sandbox, or the Sandbox Bypass (Easiest), and avoid the Skills Course (Intermediate-Advanced), follow the crushed stone trail into the woods, then take the first available left turn, following signs for Demo Loop. Once you climb through the Christmas Trees, you will approach our Epic and Easy descents. Easy is on the left, and it’s the easiest way down. The Epic direction is a segment of the trail built as a tribute to one of Squamish BC’s most iconic trails, Half Nelson, called 1/4 Nelson. It’s on the right, and it requires an intermediate skill level. Next up is our under/over bridge, then the climb back to the parking area following signs for Demo Loop, on a segment of trail aptly named, Beer Me.

This is our most weather-resistant trail and will remain open most times, outside of freeze-thaw periods. Regardless of difficulty rating, this is still mountain biking, not a rail trail, and it will be difficult for some.