Join Our Discussion Board on Padlet!

We are excited to introduce a new platform for open discussion and collaboration within our MTB Kingston community. We have set up a Padlet discussion board where you can actively engage in conversations, ask questions, share comments, and contribute to the improvement of our trails and overall MTB experience.

How to Use Padlet:

1. Access the Padlet:

2. Participate:

  • Click the “+” button to post your question or comment.
  • Take a moment to browse existing questions and comments.
  • If you find a question or comment you support or resonate with, you can upvote it to show your agreement.

Guidelines for Participation:

  1. Remember that this discussion and question board is meant to be a safe and respectful space for all members.
  2. Feel free to post questions or comments about the trails, suggest changes or improvements, or share any thoughts related to MTB Kingston.
  3. Always keep your comments considerate and respectful. We value diverse opinions and encourage constructive discussions.
  4. Your voice matters, and we appreciate the way you ask questions or share comments that contribute positively to our community.

Let’s foster a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity within our MTB Kingston family. Your input and engagement are essential in shaping the future of our trails and enhancing our overall mountain biking experience.

We look forward to hearing from you on Padlet and working together to make MTB Kingston even better!

Thank you for being a valued member of our community.