The Trail Boss’s To-Do List

Managing a trail network as large as ours is something that doesn’t just happen by itself. Many hours of maintenance go into the trails at the farm throughout the season, and there are lots of things that need regular attention. For the most part, this workload has fallen on one or two people; the people who live on the farm. Our Trail Boss needs your help, so if you can ever spare a bit of time, here is a list of trail work that needs to be done, in priority.

  1. Mowing and Trimming in the Skills Course
  2. Stick Flicking on Every Trail (recurring after every windstorm. Walk in the opposite direction of normal bike traffic, flicking sticks from the trail.)
  3. Live trap a beaver then take it home as a pet.

The Club has trimmers and blowers than can be used. If you have completed an item on this list or have any questions, please use the contact form here.

We will keep this list updated as the club’s needs change.

Thanks for your help!