Route 66

Route 66 – 7.2 km – Advanced

Direction of Travel – Clockwise

Originally named for the amount of elevation gain experienced during the loop, 66 m, this number has now approximately doubled, although it wouldn’t have the same ring in the title. 66 is our most advanced trail, and it’s seen a lot of trail love recently.

Although it starts with more of a subtle beginning than The Ridge or Pete’s, as soon as you reach the steep, loose, off-camber right turn, take this as a sign of things to come, and those things are excellent!

Without giving too much away, as 66 twists and winds its way up and down, you will encounter rocks, drops, technical switchback climbs, technical switchback descents, more rocks and drops, and quite a lot of janky flow.

With mostly A-lines and minimal B’s, this trail is absolutely not for beginners. So be safe, and have fun!