Night Eliminator timing and format

Night Eliminator- this Friday! Meet at the pond by Rooney’s at 7:15. The format is focused on fun- the first few laps are quite chill. You have to cross the finish line within 10 minutes of the leader (no sweat). The next lap, it is … Read more

Work Plan

Hi, we don’t have a strategic plan but we thought members might be interested in our work plan, which includes quite a few Done Items! Please send any comments or ideas to us on FB or via website

Workplan MTB Kingston

Short term activities- not … Read more

Holy smokes, even more ride and race opportunities  Our friend Dan Marshall  brings his race XC Marathon series back to the Farm this Saturday September 1st. See the web site for link. There is a 70 + km option, 37 k race, and a new sprint 17 km option too. Come on … Read more