Volunteers Needed
Volunteer with MTB Kingston

The MTBKids / Family group rides are looking for volunteers to help with the rides this year. We are looking for at least four individuals, on any given evening, to act either as Ride Guides or Sweeps. You don’t need to be a mountain biking … Read more

Rainy day Family Ride blues

Sorry all, but the weather is trying really hard (and I guess succeeding) to muck up our plans again. The forecast is looking bleak for tomorrow so we are going cancel the Family Ride again this week. Next week.

No Family Ride This Friday (Apr. 26)

The forecast it not looking good for the trails (or group rides) tomorrow so we are cancelling the Family rides. If conditions improve enough (and Rob the trail master gives us the go-ahead) we will try to get a ride in Saturday afternoon or evening. … Read more