CORNCROSS is back! Thursday Sept 7 @ 6pm

during the elite women'srace at the 2016 Cyclo-cross World Championships on January 30, in Zolder, Belgium. Photo: Matthew Lasala/Lasala Images

Another season of CORNCROSS is upon us… sand, stairs, mud pits, long grass covered hills, you wanted it, it’s back and it’s going to be awesome!

Below is a run down of what to expect. If you have any questions throw them in the comments or contact me directly.

Thursday Sep 7, 2016 6PM START
Pre-ride 5pm onwards, Registration 530pm.
35 Mins + 1 Lap of pain on gravel, single track, grass, deep deep sand, stairs, barriers and some asphalt.
Mens and Womens divisions. No SS, no fat bike, no other divisions.
For beginners to experienced and free for all MTBK members.
$65 for non-members (includes annual MTBK pass and access to other events).
Weekly results and series standings tracked, with prizes to be won.
I do not check tire widths, any tires less than 5.0 are good to go.
I do not check for motors… … …

This is CX so we go rain or shine… the only thing we stop for is active thunderstorms! (so, if it storms all day but there is no lightning at 6pm, we roll baby!)

CX courses are compact so loads of great spectating options, from one spot you can see pretty well all of it! Cyclocross is really all about the crowd, so if you are planning on spectating make sure you bring a few of the following:
– noise makers,
– signs,
– hand-ups,
– costumes,
– vocal cords,
– snacks to keep your energy up,
but, please…
– no chainsaws…