Friday Night Lights

Starting, May 1st – An MTBK Tradition – Friday Night Lights is for the night owls among us.  Beginning around dusk, riders take to the woods lit by thousands of lumens of white, L.E.D. light. Rides typically are on Home Loop and Collin’s where the fast, flowy trails allow riding through very few obstacles and few blind corners.

Photo; Rob Whelan


Ride Times; Since ride times are dependant on the setting sun, each week a ride time will be posted here and on Facebook.

What to Bring;  Riders do best with at least a 500 lumen light.  If you have the budget, one on the bars and one on your helmet are ideal.  For those that really want to light up the night, bump your handlebar light to 1000 lumens!

Beverage; Friday Night Lights finish off in the clubhouse for beverages.  Each participant brings his/her own beverage of choice to wind down with after an epic ride.


Photo; Bryan Brassington
Photo; Bryan Brassington