MTB Kids/Family Rides Start Friday May 4th at 6:00 pm Weather Permitting!

At 6 pm, leaders from our youth race team will teach us a few tricks while people are getting ready. Simple stuff like “ready position” “proper braking” and maybe even “front wheel lifts”! All stuff that helpful when you are on the trails. Group Rides will set off by 6:15 pm sharp! Rides will be available for all ages and abilities. Please ride with your kids if they are under 12 years old and plan to stay with your kids or at the barn during the ride. If you are like me and kids outnumber parents, or you are really uncomfortable on a bike please just speak with me that evening and we’ll work out a plan so that no one is left out.
Important details:
In bad weather, we will cancel at 3 pm on Friday.
Bring Your Own water and snacks – we are planning a few special events once the season kicks off and we have an idea of interest and numbers.
Plan to hang out for a bonfire and marshmallows.
Most important safety detail:
Please park with your car nose out to the pavement. There will be a lot of people around including many little pavement pounders ripping up and down the asphalt driveway and want to reduce cars backing out when they leave.
Most important, important detail:
These are family fun events. Please come, and be prepared to have fun with other people that love to ride. If you simply want to ride and learn, this is a good night to join, with or without kids. Please join us.
In the coming days, there will be a free library like the one in the photo. It will be somewhere on the demo loop to help motivate little riders when needed.