MTB Kingston Wilderness First Aid Primer


Although some riders are proud of the number of times they’ve gone OTB and came out of it either unscathed or with another scar to brag about, there are times in our beloved sport where we’re not so lucky. Given there currently isn’t a mountain bike compatible bubble suit (#lifegoals), we thought it might not be a bad idea to run a little crash course on what to do when things get ugly. MTB Kingston will be hosting a Wilderness First Aid Primer on Sunday, May 27, at 10 AM at the barn.

In our diverse group of members, we are lucky to have two Wilderness First Aid Instructors who will be running this event. They will cover how to handle a range of situations from basic wounds to fractures and dislocations, to allergies and anaphylaxis. MTB Kingston representatives will also be on hand to discuss our club’s emergency access points and GPS location.

If you plan on attending this event, please RSVP on our Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, please email your RSVP to

Please note: This is an information session, not a Wilderness First Aid Certification Course.