Shout Out To Our First Responders.

2016-08-01 12.31.43

A big shout out to Kingston Fire and Rescue who responded to a 911 call at MTBK this afternoon.  They promptly took control of a medical situation that may have otherwise become quite dire.  The rider of concern was transported in good condition from The Farm by ambulance this afternoon.

Thank you to Kingston’s First Responders!

Please remember, before you head out onto the trails, let someone know where you are going and when to expect you home.  Carry a cell phone.  Make sure you have plenty or water and nutrition (if you have to carry your bike out you may be walking for a while!).  If you have allergies or other medical condition, consider carrying your EpiPen or other medication in your pack. In the event that you or someone around you is injured and needs help, call 911.  After contacting 911, do your best to have someone meet first responders at their point of access to the trails, That could be Burbrook Rd., McKendry Rd., The Barn or any other number of places.  Having a knowledgeable guide could greatly reduce response times.