Something to Bark About

As a result of numerous complaints from members, we feel it necessary to remind our membership that bringing your dog to The Farm is a privilege, not a right. MTB Kingston is a private mountain biking trail network, not an off-leash dog park.

The most egregious complaint came yesterday after a rider encountered four women riding with their dogs near the beginning of Home Loop, beyond the first bridge after The Sandbox. As the rider approached, both parties were polite, and the women moved aside to allow the rider to pass. As the rider passed, one of the dogs bit the rider in the back of their calf, drawing blood. Although neither the owner nor the offending dog was identified, the injury is genuine, and the need for this reaffirmation ever more pronounced.

If you own a dog that is prone to biting at any time, under any circumstance, your dog is not welcome at MTB Kingston.

If you cannot control your dog when around others, or refuse to leash your dog in the parking area, your dog is not welcome at MTB Kingston.

If your dog is an excellent trail dog and is well behaved around others, and you agree to leash it in the parking area and pick up after it anywhere on the property, your dog is welcome at MTB Kingston, on every trail south of the barn.

Dogs are not allowed on Collins Lake Trail, and the part of Home Loop north of the Demo Loop (Beer Me) climb, due to the impact they have on the surrounding neighbours.

Make no mistake, we at MTB Kingston also love dogs, and if you’ve made it to this point of this post, we know it’s probably not your dog, but with over 1,600 members and counting, we must be mindful of others.

Thank you for your cooperation.