Updated Trail Pass Guidelines


Effective Immediately; If you do not have a trail pass prominently displayed on your person or bicycle.  Do not ride.  No exceptions. To obtain a trail pass, please visit the “Become a Member” page.


There is a limit of no more than five guests, total,  at any one time allowed on the trail system.  Guest passes are available on a first come, first served basis.*

Guest passes are located above the administration desk in the clubhouse.  Guest passes can be identified by a large hole in the center of them and the carabineer for attachment.  There are special guest applications as well as a standard waivers that MUST be completed by each individual, in full, prior to riding.

Before riding as a guest;

  • Have you completed an IMBA Canada Waiver?
  • Have you completed a guest application?
  • Are you riding with a member in good standing?
  • Have you affixed your guest pass to your rear bicycle seat rail?
  • Are you wearing your helmet?

Recent changes in infrastructure within MTB Kingston have necessitated these changes to our trail pass (membership plate) guidelines.  These changes have been put in place to protect our land owners and ensure continued access to the MTBK trail system.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

*Guest pass guidelines will have limited exceptions to accommodate special events.

Guest Passes