Fun and fitness at MTB Kingston this winter.

To compliment the ever popular bikeathlon, fat biking and snow shoeing this winter, Rob Sangers and a hard working MTBK trail crew have been working to develop for the first time, an XC ski loop!  The loop is between 5 and 6km long and will be groomed by the club’s brand new track setter.  The goal is to have both classic and skate skiing.  Once we have enough snow, the new course will be open every day to MTBK members.  There will be parking behind the barn (the sunny side!)and the Hogan’s portable toilet will remain on site all winter.  Of course, there is a heated, change room and a place to hang out in the clubhouse.   If you would like to help groom and maintain winter courses this year, please contact Rob Sangers.  Any and all help is much appreciated.