6 Hour Relay, In Pictures

Photo Gallery
2015 6 Hour Relay Photo Gallery by Judi Goldie

In case you missed October 4th’s, 6 hour MTBK Relay/Solo Race, Judi Goldie was on hand to grab a few pic’s so that you could see the event that people are still talking about!   Solo riders and teams managed to lay down 100+ km days.  Lots of support was on hand and a pile of MTBK members spent the day volunteering to make the event go off without a hitch.  A big thank you to Taylar Wall and Judi Goldie for spending the day slugging it out while the rest of us played! 

6 Hour Relay Photo Gallery 

Race Results

Solo Riders Relay Team of 2 Relay Team of 3
First Place Haley Smith (11) Team Bromance (12) 2 Ringers and a Chump (13)
Second Place Grant Snyder (10) Pedal Damnit (12) Sangwell & Dan (13)
Third Place Sean Hickman (10) Vissers (11) MTBeers (10)
Brendan Loughlin (8) Bajwa (10) Platapi (10)
Wally Stanton (6)
Greg Stroud (5) (XX) indicates laps completed of 9.25km loop
Tammie Stanton (5)