COVID-19 Policy Update

To our valued members,

It is with no small measure of relief that we announce that we will remain a safe place for you to exercise outdoors beyond tomorrow. With today’s Stay-at-Home order, after an emergency board of directors meeting, we have made some necessary changes to our club rules in an effort to ensure continued access to MTB Kingston trails. These changes are as follows:

Any group ride larger than five from different households is prohibited, while ALL GROUP RIDES are discouraged.

Both Clubhouses and Both Cabins are Closed for all but Equipment Storage and First-Aid Access. – Porta-Potty remains available.

Fire Pit and Lean-To Area is Closed.

Face Coverings are Required when in the Parking Area and Recommended to be Carried During Your Ride to be used in instances when 2m of physical distancing is not possible.

We kindly ask members to refrain from using club property for any pre or post-ride socializing with members who are not from their own household and to use MTB Kingston property strictly for outdoor exercise during this time.

We thank you for your respect and adherence to these rules.