Hot chocolate Sunday

“Hot chocolate Sunday’s” Hot chocolate at 10am till noon Sunday at the heated coverall at the top of the climb. Temperatures and conditions will be perfect. There will be a $50 gift card for the best scittles/smarties/M&M’s hand. Winner determined at 11 ish am so give you self enough time to complete the game. So you can show up at anytime. If you want a 1-2 hr ride before show up at 9or 10 am. The idea behind this is to get families out of there house and out into nature/trails Rules: 1-Can be done on bikes/snow shoe/ski orHike 2-must get yours self to the two cabins on home loop where you need to grab 2 skittles from one cabin and 2 smarties from the next cabin and you last 2 M&M’s from the barn. 3- you must roll your last diss /M&M’s in front of the group and winning colour will be revealed at that time. 4- winner gets a $50 gift certificate from local bike /sport shops 5- everyone wins good times /nature and hot chocolate 🍫 {CAPTION}