In Case You Haven’t Heard, Hot Chocolate Sundays Returns Tomorrow!

With the forecast looking like it will be another idyllic winter day, why not come out and enjoy some fresh air and fun at MTB Kingston?

Hot Chocolate Sundays is a family-friendly event, open to all MTB Kingston Members (with a valid tag), that has participants bike, hike, ski or snowshoe to three checkpoints on the trails to collect candies then bring them to the cover-all by 11:00 am to play the game. The winner will be determined by whoever has the best “Hand” of candy colours, and will receive a $50 Gift Card from one of our fantastic local bike or outdoors stores.

Here’s how:  Grab two Skittles from the beaver pond cabin, two Smarties from the Home Loop 2 cabin, and two M&Ms at the barn. Start whenever you want, but be
back to the barn by 11:00 am to play.

Oh yeah, there will be Hot Chocolate!