MTB Kingston’s Hot Chocolate Sundays!

Starting this Sunday, December 30th, and every Sunday through February, join your friends at The Farm for fresh air and fun, out on the trails. Everyone is welcome; bike, hike, snowshoe, or ski! Just make it to the checkpoints, collect your coloured candies, and get them back to the barn for 11:00 sharp (give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the morning). The winner will be determined by the person with the best ‘hand’ of candy colours(you won’t know what colours are best until you get to the barn at 11:00 am! Once you get to the barn, there will be hot chocolate waiting to keep everyone warm while they all play their ‘hands’, in front of the group. The winner, each week, will receive a $50 gift certificate from local bike and outdoors stores!
Who: MTBK members. bike, hike, snowshoe, or ski.
How: Grab two Skittles from the beaver pond cabin, two Smarties from the HomeLoop 2 cabin, and two M&Ms at the barn. Start whenever you want, be back to the barn by 11:00 am to play.
Why: Family, friends, fresh air, and fun on the trails!
When: Sundays, starting December 30th, through the end of February.
Where: The Farm

Oh yeah, did we mention there would be Hot Chocolate?!?!