What do you get when you mix kids, bikes, and eggs?

Nope. Not dirty, greasy scrambled eggs. Not kids egging houses either – wrong holiday.easter bike egg

Both good guesses, though.

You actually get:

The 1st Annual MTBK Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt!! 

On Easter Monday at 5:30 MTBK will be hosting an Easter egg hunt starting at the barn. Bikes are required for everyone. Parents and kids will be split up into teams and sent on a wild egg hunt through the trails closest to the barn.

We need to know numbers in advance so that we have enough eggs hidden. So, if you’re interested in participating in this event please let us know, by the end of the day on Good Friday:

  1. How many kids will you be bringing along.
  2. Approximate ages of kids.
  3. Approximate skill level of all riders (i.e. Is the rider brand new on a bike? Is the rider not new to biking but new to trails? Maybe the rider was new to trails last year and is itching to work out some cobwebs? Or maybe the rider goes around saying, “It’s shred time, bro/brah” and rides all our trails like a dialed-in boss??). This includes parents and kids.

RSVP by email fatbikesforkids@gmail.com or via corresponding FB post.

Hope to see lots of eager Easter egg hunters on Monday!