2018 MTB Kingston Member Registration

We are happy to announce that in the interests of making this club more self-sufficient, and less reliant on what had been a substantial amount of effort by a select few volunteers, we will no longer be using paper membership forms and waivers. We have now set up an online registration form and payment system through Zone4.ca

With this new system, our fee structure will remain the same, with the only increase coming from the processing and credit card fees charged by Zone4.ca. As with previous years, we will offer an Early Bird price to those who sign up before April 19, then switch to our regular season pricing thereafter.

Those who have purchased their membership under our Early Bird Program are asked to join us for Sign Up Night, where we will distribute membership tags, at Tir Na Nog pub (200 Ontario St) on April 18, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Membership Tags will not be available beforehand.

For those who are unable to make it to Sign-Up Night, you can obtain your Membership Tag by visiting one of our fantastic local bike shops after April 19. This can be done at J&J Cycle, Frontenac Cycle, or Trek Bicycles Kingston.

As with previous years, MTB Kingston Membership runs from May 1 until April 30 and will require a Membership Tag to be visible at all times. In order to prevent trail damage during this highly sensitive time of year, we ask members to avoid riding until we announce, “Trails Open.”

Another change that we will roll out sometime in May, is the addition of a Day Pass option. This option will be replacing our former Guest Pass policy, and require riders to pick up a tag similar to a ski tag (to be hung on under the seat, or on their pack) from one of our fantastic local bike shops (Trek Bicycles Kingston, Frontenac Cycle, or J&J Cycle), or the outdoors paradise, Trailhead Kingston. The cost of an MTB Kingston Day Pass will be $20, and it must be purchased through our online system.

So without further adieu, let’s see if we can crash their server! Super Awesome New Registration System