A Guide to MTB Kingston

We’re now a month into our season, and it’s certainly been quite a month! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 related closures, we have seen a substantial increase in new members and members new to riding in general. You will no doubt have experienced this increase in traffic in and around our parking area, and on the trails closest to the barn, but out on the majority of our trails there is still very little traffic if any. If you haven’t heard us say this, it is so good to see so many happy people in and around the club and so many stoke-filled posts on our Facebook group. Welcome, everyone!

With our current registration numbers sitting at 1,884 individuals and rising, approximately 49% have identified as Novice riders. In normal times, we would hold group events to introduce new members to our trails and mountain biking etiquette in general. These, however, are still not normal times, and if you’re new and have found it difficult to find your way around, we realize that our communication needs to improve, and we apologize if the answers haven’t been easy to find.

We’d like to encourage our returning members to take the time necessary to help these newcomers find their way. This may be as simple as offering directions or advice on trail difficulty in the parking area, or out on the trails, but it may also mean having to remind someone to wear a helmet or display their membership tag. Whatever the reason, please remember that it’s been a difficult year for many, and this club should always be a source of happiness, not scorn. We are mountain bikers, after all, so be like the stereotype and be welcoming, friendly, and chill.

You will now find a comprehensive guide to MTB Kingston as this website’s homepage, with trail length difficulty and direction of travel listed, and a written description of each. This will undoubtedly be a work-in-progress, so if you feel an edit is required, please feel free to reach out.

Lastly, just in case you haven’t noticed, things are in amazing shape, so get out there!

Happy Trails!