Baa…d Dog!

Yesterday, Wooly, one of the Farm’s friendliest and fluffiest residents was attacked and injured by a club member’s unleashed dog in the parking area. This caused him to respond with the only defensive mechanism he had; He fled the attacker and hid for hours in the cornfield.

Needless to say, spending hours searching for Wooly was not how our most gracious of landowners would have chosen to spend their afternoon or evening, and as a result, we must remind members that we require all dogs to be leashed while in the parking area, and upon entering and exiting this area.

Well-behaved trail dogs remain welcome on all trails south of the barn, and we recognize the safety risk posed by a leash to both rider and dog while in the woods, so this requirement specifically pertains to the open trails surrounding the parking area.

Again, MTB Kingston is a mountain biking club, not a dog park. It is not public land, it is someone’s back yard. If this policy seems too onerous, leave your dog at home; It’s just that simple.