Finally, Some Good News!

As of 12:01 AM, Tuesday, May 19, MTB Kingston will officially open for the 2020 Season! … Trail conditions permitting, that is.

With today’s announcement of Phase 1 of the Ontario Government’s reopening framework came this joyous news:
“Assuming trends in key public health indicators continue to improve, Ontario’s first stage of reopening will begin on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. and will include:
-Seasonal businesses and recreational activities for individual or single competitors, including training and sport competitions conducted by a recognized national or provincial sport organization. This includes indoor and outdoor non-team sport competitions that can be played while maintaining physical distancing and without spectators, such as tennis, track and field and horse racing.”

With this opening, we are implementing a series of measures aimed at continued physical distancing in an effort to keep the COVID-19 curve as flat as possible.
First, we really can’t thank them enough for all the work they’ve done for this club over the years, but until the word Corona is once again enjoyed with lime, we will not be distributing membership tags through our fantastic local bike shops, in an effort to reduce demand on their exceptional staff. We will instead be distributing tags in a “Barnside Pick-Up” fashion at announced times when volunteers are available.

Further to this, the following temporary measures will be implemented until further notice:
– Day Pass Option suspended
– All MTB Kingston facilities remain closed to members (Clubhouse, Fancy New Clubhouse, and Portable Toilet(removed))
– All MTB Kingston events suspended
– Group rides discouraged
– Apres ride socialization discouraged

Early Bird Pricing has been extended until May 31, so be sure to sign up here, before it’s too late!

The first Barnside Pick-Up of membership tags will begin Saturday, May 16 through Monday, May 18 from 10 am to 2 pm! Please enter from the east barn door, and if there is a line, follow the spacing marked by pylons, then exit from the west barn door after collecting your tag from the table at the Clubhouse entrance.

Please remember, in accordance with the provincial emergency orders, our trails remain closed until Tuesday, so DON’T BRING YOUR BIKE!