Wet, In Case There Was Any Doubt

During this time of year, the majority of the trail network is highly delicate and easily damaged by most tire sizes. The advent of plus bikes and fat bikes has certainly lengthened the riding season, but during excessively wet or thawing periods, even they can cause damage that will take multiple volunteer hours to repair.
We encourage all riders to use their better judgement, and not to ride if they are leaving a trail.
If you make it all the way to the farm only to find that it’s too wet, don’t fret, just lap the Demo Loop. We built this trail to be as close to bombproof as possible, so go nuts. Otherwise, the pecking order for drying time is split with The Ridge, Route 66 and Pete’s Loop drying first, then Home Loop and Collins Lake Loop last.

As we approach winter, it should be assumed that most trails will be closed unless frozen or otherwise posted.