Night Group Ride & Racing – Saturday, Oct 15th

Remember, this Saturday night MTBK is having fun in the dark!

Group Ride – Pre-event night ride everyone, young and old, whether they’re racing or not.  Group, night ride start at the beaver pond on Home Loop @ 6:45 p.m.   Follow the fenceline or Home Loop down to the beaver pond, you won’t be able to miss it.

Racing – Race against other MTBK racers as well as the clock in the MTBK – Night Eliminator. Each round, the racing becomes increasingly closer, riders that are too far behind will be dropped. The winner will be the last rider standing!  Race will begin at 7:30 on the special, night circuit created in the middle of Home Loop.

The bonfire will be burning, bring stuff to cook on a stick, S’mores and beverages.

Door Prizes!  Prizes for top finishers!

Bring out your gear and camp!