Two super fun events at MTB Kingston-get ready to have fun


This Friday, the sun sets at 7:32! Meet at 7:15 by the pond on the Home Loop (ride down the fence line for the easiest way to get there) and join us for the Night Eliminator. The course is set and there are NO HILLS this year and only 50 feet of grass! It is a 4 k loop and we ride  them it one lap at a time. You have to stay within 10 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes, 4,2,1, then first across the line. There will be a bonfire and conviviality afterwards


On September 16th, we host our annual 6 Hour Relay; the most laps you can do in that timeframe. A 5-6 k course on Home Loop for solo riders or teams of 2,3. Prize for best team name! Do you dare to go solo?

Sign up is at the event so get your team together and then show up with your race face.