Work Plan

Hi, we don’t have a strategic plan but we thought members might be interested in our work plan, which includes quite a few Done Items! Please send any comments or ideas to us on FB or via website

Workplan MTB Kingston

Short term activities- not in order of priority

  • Spring/Summer 2018
    • finalize guest pass process  (DONE)
    • Trail Cleanup Day(s) dates  (ongoing)
    • complete emergency access review and collaboration with EMS 
    • review and improve signage (for emergency access and way-finding)
    • complete and disseminate Events schedule 
    • begin revised Group rides (3 groups) (DONE)
    • drainage on Gravel Path/Demo loop (DONE)
    • armouring high risk wet areas (ongoing)
    • Beginners’ Skill rides (DONE and ongoing)
    • introductory rides for new members in addition to Wednesday group rides
    • women’s programs
    • IMBA club membership and status review
    • finish Under Over bridge (DONE)
  • finish Collin’s Lake advanced trail
  • Intermediate and advance skills sessions 
  • Biology rides (Chris Eckert) (DONE)
  • update map and welcome kiosk (DONE)
  • work stand at kiosk

Fall 2018

  • Race series (Bryan Brassington series’, Night Eliminator, 6 Hour )
  • AGM 2019 planning
  • Poetry signs

Longer Term Activities

  • collaboration with other Clubs
  • Social coordinator role
  • Trip organizing and supports
  • Car pooling planning
  • Trillium Grant projects (team trailer, equipment, etc)
  • musical trail project