MTBK Summer Classic – KIDS RACE!

This weekend’s kids race will be the first ever MTB Kingston SKID-ATHALON!!!  Pre-race meeting starts at 9:45 am on Sunday July 19th and will introduce young racers to bike race etiquette and help keep the race fun and safe for everyone.   MTBK_Plates

 Prizes will be awarded to the top three kids in each of the following categories:

 The Cheetah 200:  Most stickers earned in 20 minutes (race starts at 10:00)

The Falcon Race:  Most stickers earned in 15 minutes (race starts at 10:05)

The Jack Rabbit Classic:  Most stickers earned in 10 minutes (race starts at 10:10)

Award ceremony will take place at ~10:25 and will be followed immediately by the start fo the Full Course event.

The race course will be very similar to the one used this past Spring (pictured below).

Kids race for free!

Full course event will take place immediately after Kids’ Race.