MTBK Thursday Night Sprint Series, Round One

2015-09-17 18.27.07

MTBK’s inaugural, Weekly Sprint Race was a huge success.  A field of almost 30 of the club’s men and women tore up the trails, on this unusually balmy September evening.   The course was a real surprise for some riders being made up of a few sections of trail normally reserved to the MX crowd.  By the time all was said and done, Lindsay, Alana, and Simone took women’s first, second and third respectively and Matt Degeer, Rob Sangers, and Brian Chard held the men’s podium.

Awesome swag went out to our winners thanks to some amazing local shops!  Supporting us with prizes were;
Cycle Path Kingston, Gears and Grinds, Frontenac Cycle, J&J Cycle, Stone City Ales and Trailhead Kingston.  Show these guys your support!

Please join the rest of the MTBK crew at the next event, Thursday, September 24th at 5:30pm.

Current Standings

Men Women
Matt Degeer 1 Lindsay Crawford 1
Rob Sangers 2 Alana Bonney 2
Brian Chard 3 Simone Appaqaq 3
Rob Whelan 4 Kim Moore 4
Darryl Gillespie 5 Hannah Rose 5
Peter Dawson 6
Brendan Loughlin 7
Brandon Fulford 8
Mike Walker 9
Derek Smalls 10
Dave Wall 11
Fil Gilic 12
Jason Sands 13
Grant Snyder 14
Chris Fehr 15
Sean Hickman 16
Brendan Gurd 17
Shane Huffman 18
Adam Rushton 19
Rick Beaulieu 20
Jean-Marc Grimard 21


A big thanks to Rob Whelan for grabbing some shots of the podium.